Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Concern for our Earth at Bethany Health Care Center

Our March 21, 2012 Soundings Update is now available on our website. In this issue read about a group of residents at our health care system who are doing thier part to save our planet.

Also on page 2 see details about our liturgies for Palm Sunday and the Paschal Triduum.

You Are Invited to Join in
Palm Sunday and
the Paschal Triduum
at the
The Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse
637 Cambridge Street, Brighton, ma 02135

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Review of Praying Our Lives by Eleanor Bernstein, CSJ

Early last Monday morning, I received a phone call from another Sister of St. Joseph to share the sad news that a mutual friend and long-time colleague, Sister of St. Joseph, and wisdom woman had passed away just that morning. Eleanor Bernstein, CSJ, is known to many Sisters of St. Joseph across the United States for her four- volume office book titled Daily Prayer, Daily Bread.  I’ve known Eleanor since our days in the Liturgical Studies program at the University of Notre Dame. Over the years we kept in touch from time to time. Then she was part of our 2008 heritage pilgrimage to France.

 A few weeks ago, Ave Maria Press sent a review copy of her latest book, Praying OurLives: A Women’s Treasury of Catholic Prayers. I had not gotten around to reviewing it when the phone call about her death arrived. So this review is a bit more personal in nature. I had spoken with Eleanor a few times about this collection during the time she was putting it together. I recall her desire to put this together and her conviction that such a collection would benefit Catholic women. As I turned the pages, I realized that she was, of course, correct.  

You can go to and read all about Praying Our Lives: A Women’sTreasury of Catholic Prayers, view its table of contents, and of course purchase it. But what I want to say is a word about how valuable this book has already been for me. I like the way Eleanor has categorized the various prayers she includes. But this is not just one more compilation of prayers. What makes it unique is that each prayer has a little introduction that helps the reader enter into the prayer.

The only thing I find awkward about the book is that rather than naming the author of each prayer, the reader has to constantly refer to the back of the book. The authors are named in a footnote kind of way.
The evening of the day Eleanor passed away, I used one of the prayers in my local community. I share part of it with you here. What’s so amazing is the realization that Eleanor now knows the answers to the questions posed in this prayer.

Love Awaits Me
by Sister Marie of the Holy Spirit, Carmelite of Chalons

     What will happen on the other side,
     when all of me will have stumbled into eternity –
     I don’t know.
     I only believe that LOVE awaits me.
     I know that then,
     all that remains of me must become poor and weightless…

     But don’t think I’ll despair. No, I believe.
     I believe so much that a LOVE awaits me.

Whether you use this collection for personal prayer or in group settings, it well worth the purchase…and I can’t help but believe that each time any of us prays a prayer from this book Eleanor prays with us…and smiles a gentle, heart warming smile!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Volunteers in Mission & Soundings Update

Our March 7 issue of Soundings Update is now available at this link:

In this issue read about the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston Volunteers in Mission program.
Also, know that all are invited to our Triduum Liturgies on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of Holy Week.