Sunday, January 29, 2012

2 News Stories: Lawyer becoming a nun & Hotels, sex trade, super bowl

In the past few days, there have been two articles related to Sisters of St. Joseph on which I'd like to comment. The first is titled: Young lawyer fights for social justice on her way to becoming a nun . It is about Alison, a young women in New Orleans, who will be entering the Sisters of St. Joseph novitiate in a few months. It has special interest to me because I spent a day with Alison when I went to the NCNWR [National Communicators Conference for Women Religious] Conference there in September. We visited a number of the places named in the article. Here are a couple of pictures to supplement the article. 
This sign marks the Treme section mentioned in the article

We visited St. Augustine's Church where Alison worships
...and this is Sr. Lory, mentioned in the article. She passed away recently.
I took this picture at the Literacy Center where she was working in September, 2011
The second news article is yet another story from a St. Louis newspaper yesterday afternoon titled: St. Louis Area Hotels Enlisted to Fight Sex Trade . Once again it mentions the Sisters of St. Joseph, our work with the Millennium Hotel and the ever-widening effect of the efforts of women religious to stop human trafficking. The article is mainly about St. Louis, But my guess is that if Kim and NIX happened to be located in Boston, it wouldn't be much different.

As the Super Bowl approaches, let's continue to do whatever we can. No matter how small it seems, every little bit does make a difference!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Charism Religious Live & Hope for the Future

The January 25, 2012, issue of Soundings Update is now available at
Kevin with Sisters Pat and Betsy
In this issue read about an inspiring presentation by Kevin Ahern titled: Charism, Religious Life, and Hope for the Future. Kevin is completing his dissertation at Boston College. His topic: Structures of Grace: Catholic NGOs and the Church’s Mission in a Globalized World.

As the Superbowl approaches, there is a lot of news coverage this week about anti-human trafficking awareness and the Superbowl. Hotel workers at every level, taxi drivers, airline personnel, and so many more are being asked to learn about the signs of human trafficking. Here is an excerpt from an email I just received:

Millions of Americans look forward to the Super Bowl, but for too many, large public entertainment events mean extreme vulnerability to one of the most horrific crimes of this century: human trafficking. This year, 11 congregations of religious women said "enough!" and partnered with one another to make a difference. While the Super Bowl is a celebration, the work of these sisters is dedicated to making sure that the exploitation of women is not a part of it. To read more and see media coverage of the work of our sisters
Here is the link to coverage on their website:
click here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Human Trafficking Awareness Day & Soundings Update 1/11/12

Participants process outside Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse during prayer vigil and public witness in observance of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. 
participants held signs on Cambridge Street in Brighton, MA
More participants hold signs on Cambridge Street as the legendary 57 bus passes by. Follow link to Soundings Update to read more.

It seems as if I've been talking about National Human Trafficking Awareness for weeks...well today is the day. Please read our January 11, 2012, Soundings Update which has an article about the Prayer and Public Witness sponsored by the Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition of the Boston Unit of LCWR. It was last Sunday in anticipation of the actual day.

There has already been coverage of how NIX Comference and Meeting Management will sign the ECPAT code today in an effort to stop human trafficking. Our CSSJ Federation July, 2011 Event is mentioned in this article.  I suspect more coverage will come.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

3rd Anniversary of this Blog...and more

I can hardly believe that it was three years ago this week that I began this blog -- January 7, 2009, to be exact. In the beginning I wondered if I'd be able to keep it going and soon discovered that the is no lack of news and/or information to share about the world of the Sisters of St. Joseph. This week alone seems to hold so many events:
This afternoon we will gather with sisters, associates, friends, and neighbors from around the Boston area for a prayer vigil in observance of the 5th Annual National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. There's an article in the "Your Town" section of the Boston Globe titled Brighton vigil Sunday to pray for end to human trafficking  about this event. Hopefully there will be more articles to follow-up on the event.

The Superbowl is happening in a few weeks and Sisters of St. Joseph in the Indianapolis area are working to address the issue of human trafficking that all too often happens during big events like that. You can read about this in a letter to the editor of the St. Louis Post Dispatch [scroll down to the last letter on the list].

It may sound as if this post is all over the map and not just about the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. I think this just emphasizes how connected we as congregations across the U.S. -- and across the world for that matter. CSSJs are always trying to keep in mind how we can be and act more as one. Our advocacy and action on behalf of the issue of human trafficking is just one the "Your Town" section of the Boston Globe

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why I became a sister

January 9-14 is National Vocation Awareness Week. In the interest of "being and acting as one family of St. Joseph," I would like to share a link to some vocation stories posted on the Sisters of St. Joseph of Baden website.


If you are a teacher or minister in a parish, there are also quite a few websites with resources for personal, parish, or classroom use: