Friday, August 10, 2012

LCWR Assembly Decides Next Steps in Response to CDF Assessment

Yesterday morning I was out walking and passed by the fence and hedge in the picture at the left. As I continued on, the scene became a reflection for me on how structures can be created to try to set perimeters around growth. But new growth, the growth or the Spirit, finds ways to go beyond these perimeters.

It's been a very active news week for U.S. Catholic Sisters. The media was quite present at the annual assembly of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious [LCWR].

It seems as if every time I open my email there are at least a dozen new articles about the assembly. National Catholic Reporter has posted updates several times a day. If you haven't had a chance to follow this, here's a good link. The article that comes up is titled: At LCWR assembly, sisters contemplate surrender, discernment, authority is followed by several other well written articles about the assembly.

Then this afternoon LCWR posted a press release on their website titled: LCWR Assembly Decides Next Steps in Response to CDF Assessment follow the link. Then you need to download the pdf file to read the press release. But it's worth the effort.

I'm happy to share that at the end of this press release the election of Carol Zinn, SSJ Philadelphia, as the president-elect of LCWR.

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