Sunday, May 13, 2012

Consumerism & Human Trafficking / and a prayer for LCWR

Much of what's been going on the past couple of weeks will be reported in the upcoming issue of Soundings Update.

But there was not enough room for the full version of the article on the Anti-Human Trafficking Symposium held on May 5. The topic was "Consumerism and the Many Faces of Human Trafficking." The press release is available on our website at: .The Boston Pilot and The Allston Brighton Tab have also carried this article.

The other item that keeps coming up in the news is the Doctrinal Assessment of LCWR [Leadership Conference of Women Religious]. A friend and former communicator of another religious congregation composed a prayer that many are using to pray for LCWR and their upcoming meeting.

God’s Spirit

In this time of pain and promise,
we call on God’s Spirit to bless
the leadership of LCWR, of our Congregation,
and all women religious
who strive to live the gospel in these
uncertain times.

We call on the Spirit of God to reveal
the way forward that is faithful to God’s
dream for us and our lives together.

May all who are called to engage
in prayer and conversation come to
the table with hearts that are open,
transparent, and faith-filled. May their o>span>p>
reflection be marked by a deep listening
to the voice of the Spirit at work in our world.

May the holy ones who have gone
before us inspire us by their courage
and wisdom and affirm that we are not alone.

May we continue to faithfully live the
questions of our time and witness to
the people of God that we are women
at home with mystery and filled with
fierce hope for our shared future.
     -- Sister Chris Koellhoffer, IHM

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