Sunday, January 8, 2012

3rd Anniversary of this Blog...and more

I can hardly believe that it was three years ago this week that I began this blog -- January 7, 2009, to be exact. In the beginning I wondered if I'd be able to keep it going and soon discovered that the is no lack of news and/or information to share about the world of the Sisters of St. Joseph. This week alone seems to hold so many events:
This afternoon we will gather with sisters, associates, friends, and neighbors from around the Boston area for a prayer vigil in observance of the 5th Annual National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. There's an article in the "Your Town" section of the Boston Globe titled Brighton vigil Sunday to pray for end to human trafficking  about this event. Hopefully there will be more articles to follow-up on the event.

The Superbowl is happening in a few weeks and Sisters of St. Joseph in the Indianapolis area are working to address the issue of human trafficking that all too often happens during big events like that. You can read about this in a letter to the editor of the St. Louis Post Dispatch [scroll down to the last letter on the list].

It may sound as if this post is all over the map and not just about the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. I think this just emphasizes how connected we as congregations across the U.S. -- and across the world for that matter. CSSJs are always trying to keep in mind how we can be and act more as one. Our advocacy and action on behalf of the issue of human trafficking is just one the "Your Town" section of the Boston Globe

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  1. My geat gandaunt was a Sister of St. Joseph in the late 1800. In see her in the 1880 census living with Annie Casserly.Her name was Catherine Murphy.

    How would I get any information regarding her? My email address in

    Thank you.