Sunday, January 29, 2012

2 News Stories: Lawyer becoming a nun & Hotels, sex trade, super bowl

In the past few days, there have been two articles related to Sisters of St. Joseph on which I'd like to comment. The first is titled: Young lawyer fights for social justice on her way to becoming a nun . It is about Alison, a young women in New Orleans, who will be entering the Sisters of St. Joseph novitiate in a few months. It has special interest to me because I spent a day with Alison when I went to the NCNWR [National Communicators Conference for Women Religious] Conference there in September. We visited a number of the places named in the article. Here are a couple of pictures to supplement the article. 
This sign marks the Treme section mentioned in the article

We visited St. Augustine's Church where Alison worships
...and this is Sr. Lory, mentioned in the article. She passed away recently.
I took this picture at the Literacy Center where she was working in September, 2011
The second news article is yet another story from a St. Louis newspaper yesterday afternoon titled: St. Louis Area Hotels Enlisted to Fight Sex Trade . Once again it mentions the Sisters of St. Joseph, our work with the Millennium Hotel and the ever-widening effect of the efforts of women religious to stop human trafficking. The article is mainly about St. Louis, But my guess is that if Kim and NIX happened to be located in Boston, it wouldn't be much different.

As the Super Bowl approaches, let's continue to do whatever we can. No matter how small it seems, every little bit does make a difference!


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