Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sisters of St. Joseph Advent Reflections

There are many online resources available for the Advent Season. I would like to call your attention to Advent Reflections by Sister of St. Joseph of Albany, NY. Each day has a visually attractive reflection. The page is set up so that the links are easy to access. Just click on the underlined words above.

The picture in this post was taken in Chartres Cathedral in France a few years ago. Each time I look at it, I'm reminded of the moment when I rounded a corner in the cathedrals vast ambulatory to encounter this lone but majestic light in the relative darkness of the space. It never ceases to remind me of the darkness of Advent that gives way to the emerging light of Christmas.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Prayer for Mother St. John Fontbonne

As many reading this are aware, November 22, is the Feast of Mother Saint John Fontbonne. One of our Boston CSJ Associates wrote this prayer for a recent staff prayer. She agreed to let me share it on this blog.

We are Miryam women,
We are Joseph women,
We are Medaille women,
We are women inspired by Mother St. John Fontbonne
and Regis Casserly…

We are women of present day,
courageous, humble and strong;
lifting the voice of the marginalized,
linking arms with the oppressed.

We dare to dream,
not just for ourselves,
but for our Dear Neighbor – everywhere~
Seeking ‘the more,’
and the unfolding mystery of the future.
Miryam, Joseph, Medialle, Mother St. John:
Bless us!
Bless our new beginnings,
and our endings.
Bless our desires, our struggles,
and our unceasing quest for ‘Loves’ design,’
and Your will, O God.

We weave, and we become part of the pattern,
compassionately uniting our lives with others.
We embrace the more—each day,
and dare to dream into the future!
                 By Mary Rita Weschler, CSJA (c) 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Anti-Trafficking, Tassa Tags, and Black Friday

There are lots of reasons why not to shop on Black Friday. The whole hype about this day has gotten so out of perspective. The only reason that Massachusetts stores aren't opening before midnight on Thanksgiving is that it's against Massachusetts laws. Now they are talking about all the security measures that will be needed so that people are not injured or even killed by one another.
Check out this article in today's Boston Globe:
Keeping shoppers in line on Black Friday
Is this about Christmas gift-giving? Is it about approaching the Christmas Season...or even Advent?

There are lots of Fair Trade shopping sites. Here's just one that came up in a quick google search:
Greater Good Network

There are lots of ways you can still shop on Black Friday, not put your life in danger of injury, and actually not contribute to the consumer hype. You can even fight Human Trafficking as you "shop."
order Tassa Tags at
One way is to purchase Tassa Tags for your friends and family. Samples of these tags are at the top of this post. They are luggage tags.  The tags are for Travlers against Sex Slavery and Trafficking. The person who sells them has become affiliated with ECPAT . I wrote a lot about ECPAT back in July when the Sisters of St. Joseph U.S. Federation worked with the Millennium Hotel to address hotel trafficking.

Earlier this week, Massachusetts Lawmakers finally approved human trafficking bill. This is a big step in the right direction. Although about the passage of the bill was eclipsed by the casino bill, our Justice & Peace Director pointed out to me that casinos are a place where human trafficking happens.

Massachusetts is one of three -- yes three -- states without anti-human trafficking laws. That fact alone is astounding!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Real Power Suits

The latest edition of Soundings Update is now available at

Earlier this week, one of our sisters heard from a former student. The article titled "The Real Power Suits" is about a Quilt Challenge in which this student participated. It's very interesting.

On page 2 there is a prayer for the Feast of Mother St. John Fontbonne. November 22 is the anniversary of her death.