Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dec 7, 2011 Soundings and Advent Reflections

Boston CSJ Motherhouse Chapel & Advent Wreath
Our December 7 edition of Soundings Update is now available.

As you probably know, there are hundreds of online Advent Reflection Resources. Here are just a few from four of the sixteen congregations of Sisters of St. Joseph in the United States.  You may want to pick and choose for your own personal or communal prayer.


...from the Congregation of St. Joseph -- This site has weekly reflections and an accompanying reflective video for each week.

...from the St. Louis CSJs -- This site has a single 2 minute reflective video and a question to accompany the Scripture of each day. If you scroll to the bottom you can read the reflective questions from previous days of Advent.

...from the Albany CSJs -- This site has reflections for every day of Advent already posted...great for those who like to plan ahead.

...from the Baden CSJs -- these are weekly reflections

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