Sunday, November 20, 2011

Prayer for Mother St. John Fontbonne

As many reading this are aware, November 22, is the Feast of Mother Saint John Fontbonne. One of our Boston CSJ Associates wrote this prayer for a recent staff prayer. She agreed to let me share it on this blog.

We are Miryam women,
We are Joseph women,
We are Medaille women,
We are women inspired by Mother St. John Fontbonne
and Regis Casserly…

We are women of present day,
courageous, humble and strong;
lifting the voice of the marginalized,
linking arms with the oppressed.

We dare to dream,
not just for ourselves,
but for our Dear Neighbor – everywhere~
Seeking ‘the more,’
and the unfolding mystery of the future.
Miryam, Joseph, Medialle, Mother St. John:
Bless us!
Bless our new beginnings,
and our endings.
Bless our desires, our struggles,
and our unceasing quest for ‘Loves’ design,’
and Your will, O God.

We weave, and we become part of the pattern,
compassionately uniting our lives with others.
We embrace the more—each day,
and dare to dream into the future!
                 By Mary Rita Weschler, CSJA (c) 2011

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