Friday, September 9, 2011

remembering 9/11 -- something our souls need

Our news this week is filled with stories and images in remembrance of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. It seems as if our hearts and souls and minds need to be with the memories and live into hopes for the future. I've received quite a few email with reflections and invitations to 10th anniversary events. In a way it's almost overwhelming.

However a link to a special edition of the Congregation of St. Joseph's e-newsletter showed up on my Facebook page this afternoon. It is quite simple but very powerful. If you click through to the e-newsletter, you can also click a short video that remembers the faces of those whose lives ended because of 9/11.

I also have to explain the picture in this post. I took it today at a  beach in Plymouth. I had been at a meeting in the area and drove down this little road where my parents almost purchased a summer cottage when I was five years old. When they put their feet in the water and discovered how cold it was, the deal was off and they continued on the "sound side" of Cape Cod where the water is warmer. But I vividly recall that day and never forgot that beach.

So much converged in those few minutes at this beach today -- childhood memories of a five-year-old who was surrounded by trust -- the non-stop news coverage of the 9/11 anniversary and newly discovered terrorist threats -- the realization that this beautiful space spans the shadow of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant -- and then this idyllic scene of a majestic flag, cloud swept sky, post-storm ocean, and eroding shoreline in the midst of it all. It gave me goose bumps...seared my soul...offered opportunity for rich contemplation as I headed home.

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