Tuesday, September 27, 2011

CSJs and NCNWR Conference-New Orleans

The National Communicators Network for Women Religious [NCNWR] meets in New Orleans this week. I arrived a day early to visit with CSJs in the area and learn a little about the ever present memory of hurricaine Katrina on this area.

Yesterday Ily picked me up. We did a couple of tourist-type things but mostly things that tourists may not see. I'll try to let the pictures tell the story!
A Typical scene in the picturesque French Quarter

The Mirabeau CSJ Motherhouse was completely destroyed. No sooner had it been restored than a fire destroyed the entire building. All that remains is this lemon tree and the logo in the next picture

Logo from the floor of the CSJ Mirabeau building

a house directly across from the CSJ property. Note the "Do not demolish" sign

This kind of devastation is also typical around the city. Although much has been done, much remains to be done.

A post-Katrina success story. These house have been rebuilt through generous grants and the work of Habitat for Humanity. The section is called "Musicians' Village"

After Katrina, the CSJs relocated offices to another place. There is a lot going on here. The People Program alone had about 70 people doing all sorts of things when we were there.

Jackie, Ily, and I stopped for lunch near Lake Pontchartrain

We visited the Ursuline Convent. When our sisters came to the U.S. in 1836 they stayed with the Ursuline's before heading up the Mississippi to St. Louis.

These chairs seem to be the only thing in the Ursuline Convent today that is from the original convent. Could our first sisters have sat on these very chairs.

Of course I shopped! This is Oscar who has been selling jewelry and other crafts in the French Market for three decades. He was delighted that I had heard about his crafts from a friend and sought out his booth.

I purchased a couple of T-Shirts here because this woman both designs, makes, and sells them. They are different from all thethe more commercial T-Shirts I saw while walking around. Most of the other stores seem to sell basically the same styles.

Sunrise from my hotel room. I got up early to work on this blog post!


  1. Thanks for sharing and giving those at home a sense of what's happening.

  2. Dear Joanne,
    Thank you for getting up early and posting these pictures. I enjoyed visiting all the sites of New Orleans and glad to see you found some time to shop. Have fun and thanks for sharing. Kathy