Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sisters of St. Joseph Throughout the World...and Pentecost

The latest issue of Soundings Update is available on the Boston CSJ website at . This week we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit enflamed the hearts of the apostles to go to every corner of the earth with the message of Jesus. This past week our Church celebrates the 43rd World Day of Communications. The full text of the pope’s message can be viewed by following clicking the title of the day in the previous sentence. I know I've used this map of Where Sisters of St. Joseph are living and working throughout the world but I thought that combination of the Feast of Pentecost and World Day of Communications was a good moment to include it again. Here is an excerpt from Pope Benedict’s message: The speed with which the new technologies have evolved ... should not surprise us, as they respond to a fundamental desire of people to communicate and to relate to each other. This desire for communication and friendship is rooted in our very nature as human beings ... In the light of the biblical message, it should be seen primarily as a reflection of our participation in the communicative and unifying Love of God, who desires to make of all humanity one family. This message speaks volumes to us as Sisters of St. Joseph and Associates whose mission is to communicate the unifying Love of God to all. MESSAGE OF THE HOLY FATHER BENEDICT XVI FOR THE 43rd World Day of Communications "New Technologies, New Relationships. Promoting a Culture of Respect, Dialogue and Friendship." May 24, 2009

As I write this post, I must also share my Pentecost experience. Yesterday I joined other friends of Weston Priory in celebrating the life of Brother Phillip of Weston Priory . Brother Phillip passed away on December 24, 2008. His burial and a memorial Eucharist was celebrated for the Feast of Pentesost. When you go to the Weston Priory website, click the link to Bulletin: Spring/Summer 2009. The entire issue is dedicated to Brother Phillip.

About eight of the Mexican Benedictine Sisters where there. Both the brothers and the Mexican sisters spoke of Brother Phillip's love for the people of Mexico and of his last visit there. I recall that visit because the brothers stayed at our vacation house in Nahant. I was one of those who drove them to the airport. Brother Phillip was already limited because of ALS and I recall the courage with which he entered into this journey, as well as the loving care of the brothers who made it possible.

As hundreds of us walked to the gravesite, we passed a meadow teeming with dandelion puffs. The wind was strong. I couldn't help reflecting on this as an image of his life. The winds of the Spirit are stong and the seeds of compassion, friendship, love, and so much more that Brother Phillip shared with others are now blowing where they will in the lives of those who knew him. What a perfect day to celebrate his life.

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  1. Joanne, thank you so much for your sharing on Brother Philip. I would love to have been there; what a beautiful, joy-filled man. Also loved the image of the dandelion puffs.